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Guest Post Writing:

We are looking for a few Guest Post Writers to help us out with our You can provide quality commentaries and articles using your knowledge and experience in your field of expertise. It is a popular pastime of IT professionals to write superb guest post material. Besides that, youll be able to share your knowledge and skills with our readership before sharing them independently.


Would you like to write for us? Heres what were looking for:

Follow these steps if youre writing a guest post for Articles:

We don’t want press releases or sales pitches. Those are so depressing.

Make sure its written in English.

Ensure its 100% unique. Publications should be original and should never be printed anywhere else, so there cant be any plagiarism. Every piece of content on this site has been put through a plagiarism checker to make sure it hasnt been printed before.

Id recommend a minimum of 1500 words. Or we will take paid content of 800 words.

Dont forget to include a keyword in the title and description

Put headings and subheadings on the page to make it easier to read

Include only one link to a relevant article

Well only accept Word .doc or .docx and nothing else

Make sure the information is informative, helpful, readable, and easy to understand.

In the article, you need to mention the sources for details and figures, but dont use any quotes or photos without mentioning them

Content should be appropriate for people in the census

Heres a sample of our published posts: Top 10 Games to Win Cryptocurrency